Training for Lucid Dreams

If you are unfamiliar with lucid dreaming, please see our earlier post on lucid dreaming and dream control.

What are the benefits of lucid dreaming?

There are many reasons why you might want to learn how to lucid dream but these are some of the tangible benefits of lucid dreaming:

  • It is a technique that we can utilise to help solve problems
  • It can help spur creativity – e.g. some people have used it to overcome writer’s block
  • It can help overcome fears and nightmares
  • It allows the dreamer to practice physical skills
  • It may help improve depressive symptoms and mental health in general

Research has also found the individuals with the ability to lucid dream:

How can we train ourselves to have lucid dreams?

The following video offers some insight…

Here are the four techniques discussed in the video above:

  1. Keep a Dream Diary – these help us become familiar with our dreams so that it is easier to recognise when we are dreaming.
  2. Reality Checks – these help us notice the odd things that happen in dreams that are out of place or “impossible” so we can recognise that we are in a dream
  3. M-I-L-D – Mnemonically Induced Lucid Dream
    • step 1: you need to be able to vividly recall your dreams
    • step 2: have a reality check – something you frequently perform during the day to check if you are dreaming or awake (when you repeat this and the result is different from what you would expect, you will know you are dreaming)
    • step 3: lucid affirmations – keep telling yourself you will have a lucid dream and do this before you fall asleep
    • step 4: visualise your dream – recall a dream and play it through your mind as you are falling asleep (you can try to change the ending)
  4. W-I-L-D – Wake Induced Lucid Dream
    • step 1: physical and mental relaxation
    • step 2: hypnagogic state
    • step 3: create a dream scene
    • step 4: enter the lucid dream

See also: how to remember your dreams

Expert lucid dreamer Beverly D’Urso recommends the following technique:

The best technique for becoming lucid is to actually become more aware and look and listen and pay attention to details, because when you see things that don’t fit, that’s a clue that you’re dreaming. To facilitate the process you can form the habit of examining the environment or your state of awareness during the day. Mental habits you practice during the day tend to continue in dreams. So you examine your environment during the day, you examine your awareness, and then you may notice that something is different once you start dreaming. – Psychology Today

So start being more aware of your surroundings and taking note of the details in the environment around you.

A study has also shown that video gamers have more lucid dreams than non-gamers, although this may not work for you if you aren’t already a gamer because the study looked at individuals who had been gamers for years and played at least 2 hours, several times a week.

Image Source: Spirit Science



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