Important Skills to Unlock Your Child’s Potential

It’s the 21st Century and the world our children are facing is very different to the one we knew. If you would like to learn how you can help your kids thrive at school and at home, join us this Saturday, 27 October at 10 am in Inspiros International School. Edu Talk: Children in theContinue reading “Important Skills to Unlock Your Child’s Potential”

Parenting Seminar: Selecting a Primary School

Are you a parent trying to decide which Primary School to send your child to? Want to know more about what’s available, the factors you should consider, and which schools might be the best fit for your child? Come along to this Parenting Seminar at Trinity Kids Malaysia to discover all this and more: SelectingContinue reading “Parenting Seminar: Selecting a Primary School”

The Conscious Parent Summit

The Conscious Parent Summit is a month-long event with a focus on how you can support your child’s brain development and raise a happy smart child. Throughout the month of February, host Renata Rišianová will be interviewing several experts in the field of child development and early education with a new interview being released daily.Continue reading “The Conscious Parent Summit”

MPH Bookerville Carnival 2017: Love Reading

Michelle Lim-Chua, author of The Mindful Mom, and I were recently invited to speak at the Bookerville Carnival on a topic we’ve spoken on before: How to Make Your Child Love Reading Program Outline These were some of the topics we talked about: Technology vs books Bibliotherapy – using books to address difficult issues  BooksContinue reading “MPH Bookerville Carnival 2017: Love Reading”

Training for Lucid Dreams

If you are unfamiliar with lucid dreaming, please see our earlier post on lucid dreaming and dream control. What are the benefits of lucid dreaming? There are many reasons why you might want to learn how to lucid dream but these are some of the tangible benefits of lucid dreaming: It is a technique that weContinue reading “Training for Lucid Dreams”

Video Games and Lucid Dreams

In a number of programs designed to gain greater access to the brain’s potential, lucid dreaming and dream control appears to be a key exercise. Some brain programs that employ lucid dreaming: Shichida Method Silva Method Photo Reading Although there are programs to help you gain control of your dreams – in other words, have lucid dreamsContinue reading “Video Games and Lucid Dreams”

Lucid Dreaming and Dream Control

When I was in highschool, I did a science paper on dreams. During my research, I came upon a concept called “Lucid Dreaming”. I found the idea very interesting but I never took it very far. The article I read talked about Lucid Dreaming and how you could train yourself to do it but itContinue reading “Lucid Dreaming and Dream Control”

The Mysterious Human Brain: Mind Over Matter

Mind over matter – extending the limits of the mind and body is a life-long obsession of mine. In my youthful days, I thought more from the perspective of fantasy stories and superheroes. I was inspired by characters like Dr Strange, The X-Men, and Garion. In my defense, I was young and impressionable. I had readContinue reading “The Mysterious Human Brain: Mind Over Matter”

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